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EPITHALON Longevity Peptide


TRH (Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone) also known as Protirelin

Thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH), a tripeptide produced by the hypothalamus, stimulates the pituitary gland to release thyroid-stimulating hormone (Thyrotropin). Thyrotropin then stimulates the thyroid gland to synthesize and release thyroid hormones. TRH is a regulator of metabolic homeostasis. In rodents, TRH has been shown to regulate several metabolic and behavioral parameters, including food intake and locomotor activity. TRH and TRH analogs have been shown to possess anorexigenic capacities, with a likely site of action in the hypothalamus. TRH produces antidepressant effects and acts through at least two known G-protein coupled receptors, TRH-R1 and TRH-R2.

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NIACINAMIDE also known as Nicotinamide


The Ravages Of Old Age Could Have Been Averted Sixty Years Ago? HISTORY OF NICOTINAMIDE AND AGING

Role of Nicotinamide in DNA Damage, Mutagenesis, and DNA Repair

The Anti-Aging NAD Fad
(NAD stands for Nicotinamide (Niaciniamide) Adenosine Dinucleotide which Niacinamide is a precursor to)


Carnosine is a dipeptide of the amino acids beta-alanine and histidine. It is highly concentrated in muscle and brain tissues. Carnosine and carnitine were discovered by Russian chemist V.Gulevich.

Researchers in Britain, South Korea, Russia and other countries have shown that carnosine has a number of antioxidant properties that may be beneficial.

Carnosine has been proven to scavenge reactive oxygen species as well as alpha-beta unsaturated aldehydes formed from peroxidation of cell membrane fatty acids during oxidative stress. Like carnitine, carnosine is composed of the root word carn, meaning flesh, alluding to its prevalence in animal protein.

A vegetarian diet is deficient in adequate carnosine, compared to levels found in a standard diet.

Carnosine can chelate divalent metal ions.

Carnosine can increase the Hayflick limit in human fibroblasts, as well as appearing to reduce the telomere shortening rate.

Carnosine is also considered as a geroprotector.

Importance of Carnosine

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    Quotes by Dr Walter Pierpaoli MD, PhD from 2002

    The anti-aging molecule thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH) also known as Protirelin

    "A decade ago, in the course of studies on the stress-protective and antiviral effects on melatonin, the possibility was considered that melatonin may exert its effects through the thyroid gland, by enhancing synthesis or secretion of thyroid hormones, which are known to be potent immunoregulatory agents."

    When we analyzed the effects of TSH and also of TRH, we saw that TRH was perfectly able to mimic and even to increase the effects of melatonin. Further studies showed that the effect of TRH is obviously non-thyroid-mediated."

    "Also, later studies demonstrated that a discrete lesion of the anterior hypothalamic area in mice, which produce electrolytic damage of the "thyrotropic area" which is known to contain high affinity receptors for TRH, resulted into a rapid involution of the thymus and a sharp decrease of peripheral lymphocytes, which could be restored with TRH treatment. Those early data disclosed the unsuspected role for TRH in the regulation of immunity and also a most remarkable effect of TRH in the restoration of normal levels of lipids in the blood of aging rodents. Those results suggested a key role for the tiny peptide TRH in the anti-aging effects of both melatonin and young-to-old pineal grafting. It was hypothesized that it is in fact the ubiquitous tripeptide TRH, highly concentrated in the pineal gland, which is responsible for the anti-aging effects of circadian administration of melatonin. In fact, the effects of TRH are by far more rapid than those of melatonin, in particular in the restoration of lipid levels. A posteriori, it seemed most obvious that TRH is in fact responsible for the effects of melatonin and pineal grafting."

    TRH is ubiquitous in nature and its mechanism may be linked to basic cells functions."

    Without entering into discussions about its mechanism, we studied the long-term effect of a combination of TRH and melatonin in old, aging mice, in order to see if both agents together are able to further delay aging and /or prolong life. It was shown that the combination of both melatonin and TRH significantly enhance the anti-aging effects of melatonin. It was also evident that the effect of the combination was not due to a chronic stimulation of thyroid hormone secretion."

    "As hinted long ago, we can assert that TRH is in fact a main agent in the pineal gland, in the brain and in other cells, which possesses the unsuspected properties of a potent aging-reversing molecule."

    "The metabolic effects of TRH in the normalization of cholesterol and triglycerides are amazing."

    " We dispose now of a new natural and evolutionary ancient molecules for efficient anti-aging interventions. The mechanism for the rapid metabolic effects of TRH is unknown. We think that the reason for its old or acquired anti-aging or rather rejuvenating properties must be sought in the evolutionary history of TRH and in its key role in basic metabolic pathways."

    Carnosine - The Anti-Aging Dipeptide as researched by Marios Kyriazis, MD

    Marios Kyriazis, M.D., is both a clinician and a researcher in the field of anti-aging medicine. He has made significant contributions in the science and application of anti-aging medicine, and he is considered one of Britain’s leading longevity specialists.

    Dr. Kyriazis is one of the world’s experts on the subject of how carnosine effects the aging process, and his research into the effects of this mighty amino acid dipeptide have revealed how it can offer a number of unique and substantial health benefits.

    Dr. Kyriazis has a postgraduate degree in Gerontology from the King’s College, University of London, and another in Geriatric Medicine, granted by the Royal College of Physicians. He is also a Chartered Biologist and a Member of the Institute of Biology for his work in the biology of aging.

    Dr. Kyriazis is the founder and medical advisor to the British Longevity Society, and he is a certified member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He is also an adviser to several other age-related organizations.

    Dr. Kyriazis has extensive experience with nutritional supplements and anti-aging drugs. He is the author of several books on these subjects, including The Anti-Aging Plan, Stay Young Longer—Naturally, The Anti-Aging Cookbook, The Look Young Bible, and Carnosine and Other Elixirs Of Youth.

    In addition to running a clinical anti-aging practice in the United Kingdom and serving as President of the British Longevity Society, Marios Kyriazis, MD, has dedicated the last 25 years of his career to carnosine research.

    Dr. Kyriazis believes that carnosine is one of the most effective anti-aging treatments.

    Di-peptide L-Carnosine , extends maximum cell division capacity, protects against DNA oxidation and is a free radical scavenger. Carnosine inhibits the formation of carbonyl groups, thereby reducing the formation of abnormal proteins. It also blocks glycosylation and reduces AGEs.

    Dr Kyriazis research also shows carnosine to be a cell membrane stabilizer and an intracellular buffer. In the past, carnosine has been used to treat arthritis, stomach ulcers, myopathy, skin trauma and wounds, for radioprotection, immuno-modulation, and enhancing stamina.

    His work shows that the ideal dosage of carnosine is between 50 to 150 mgs.

    In addition, he has concluded that the activity of carnosine is enhanced by other antioxidants such as vitamin E and vitamin C and other nutritional supplements. The uses for carnosine are numerous, and include diabetic complications, liver disease, cataracts, Alzheimers disease, and cancer. The subjects in Dr. Kyriazis clinical trials report improved well-being, enhanced muscle tone, increased hair growth, and in rare cases, improvements in sense of smell, sleep patterns and sexual enjoyment.

    Dr. Kyriazis also decried the claims of some purveyors of supplements who say that dosages of at least 1,000 mg are required for carnosine to be clinically effective. He cited the possibility of potential adverse effects that could result from such high doses, and presented data confirming the clinical effectiveness of human dosages in the range of 50-200 mg daily.

    The Biological Basis of Aging and Aging Reversal: Clinical Evidence by Walter Pierpaoli, MD

    Dr. Pierpaoli suggests aging is a precise, genetically-determined and species dependent neuroendocrine program in the pineal network, namely in the neural structures of the brain and peripheral nervous system regulating the circadian, synchronized, rhythmic and oscillatory synthesis and secretion of all hormones, neuropeptides and any other endogenous molecule.

    Dr. Pierpaoli believes that aging is a brain-programmed hormonal event, and that the program can be modified or reversed by proper reprogramming. His experiments show that melatonin can postpone hormonal aging in perimenopausal women by actually restoring the cycles in both perimenopausal and postmenopausal women. (Please do not confuse this finding with an ability to restore fertility. It is clear from his studies that he has yet to accomplish that).

    Through animal experiments, Pierpaoli has become convinced that it is not just the pineal melatonin that has anti-aging properties, but other peptides released by the pineal gland as well.

    One such tripeptide is Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone (TRH), a molecule also known as Protirelin concentrated in the pineal gland and the hypothalamus.

    Dr. Pierpaoli is convinced that supplementing with melatonin before bed can give the pineal gland a rest and help reset the hormonal clock. This will allow permanent reconstitution of immunological surveillance and maintenance of body health and integrity. In Dr. Pierpaolis opinion, The basis of health is thus the maintenance of youthful hormonal cyclicity.



    peptides and ageing

    Aging-reversing properties of thyrotropin-releasing hormone

    [Morphofunctional and molecular bases of pineal gland aging].

    CO Q10

    Coenzyme Q10: The essential nutrient

    Coenzyme Q10 administration increases brain mitochondrial concentrations and exerts neuroprotective effects.

    Coenzyme Q10 administration and its potential for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

    Coenzyme Q10 and nicotinamide block striatal lesions produced by the mitochondrial toxin malonate.


    Taurine and skeletal muscle function.

    Taurine: an overview of its role in preventive medicine. (1989)

    Protective and therapeutic effectiveness of taurine in diabetes mellitus: a rationale for antioxidant supplementation.(2015)

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